Use Coconut Oil for Beard Cream (Moisturizer for Beard)

Use Coconut Oil for Beard Cream

Sometimes, the whiskers on your face will itch. Sort of like a cat who can’t stop scratching its face. Facial hair will make you want to cut it off. Talk to you in your sleep and try to get you to give up Give up on growing a beard. Saying to you should just shave it off like all the other men. Probably going to do just that. Unless, you have a mind that says no to the itch beard and yes to growing it out. I have solution for you and the solution is coconut oil. Best moisturizer for beard I would say. Why this works is answered for you below.

Heat Up Coconut Oil to Double It’s Power

Add heat to the coconut oil to increase its affect on beard. Your beard will be moisturized regularly with cold coconut oil. But, you could heat up the coconut oil beforehand to double the strength of it. Further, heat causes the coconut oil to melt into your beard roots. Force the oil to travel all the way down to clean every corner of your beard. Spots deep in thick beard by roots are hard to get on microscopic level. Because of, I suggest you microwave the coconut oil little. Don’t over do it. Just a little time and then take it out to use it on your face.

Steps to Apply Coconut Oil

Putting coconut oil on your face is really easy. All you need to do is get some coconut oil and put it on face. Put a little on your hand and spread it to your whole beard. Make sure you wash face before hand to allow deep dry hairs to let in more coconut lotion. Once done, rub around your beard. Feel your bead with your hands and try to get all the cracks of beard. Do not scratch the beard. Gentle spread the coconut oil around your face. Spend time doing it. There is not need to rush. Afterwards, wash beard off with water completely. All set to go. You did it.

Coconut Oil Works Well

Overtime, you see changes happening for your beard. Beard grows longer and becomes softer. The itch goes away and hairs tend to flow like water. Everything will be very gentle. Thoughts of itch will be gone for good. Warning, the coconut oil affect only last for three days. So, I suggest you wash your beard with coconut oil once ever 2 days. In addition, hair will begin to grow in places that don’t grow. Trick your body into growing more facial hair by using coconut oil. There is nothing you got to consider. Just apply the coconut oil to your beard and wait for results. Its the best moisturizer for beard.

Wash Beard With Cold Water to Increase More

Looking to grow more facial hair then wash with cold water. Cold water wakes up a lot of hairs sleeping on your head and face. Keep dashing cold water to your face and you will see face get fuller. Cold water makes the hair stands stronger according to many scientist today.

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